HL2 Refugee Skins

Well, I feel fucking stupid. While getting rid of some textures I didn’t need, I accidentally deleted the textures to the refugees form HL2. If any Good Samaritans want to help out, that would be funtubularbs (That’s gibberish for fantastic.)

Garry’s Mod reads those textures straight from the Half-Life 2 materials GCFs. Hop in-game and check if it still works. If not, report back and we’ll get it sorted out.

or maybe you could verify the game cache. should work…

Here, screenshots. It was definately the texture pack. It seems to have also deleted some other textures to make me feel even dumber.

TBH it looks alot like you had pirated content on, correct me if I’m wrong but it shouldn’t do that just from removing textures from your main gmod folder.

that’s real weird, cause unless you have an invalid vtf with the same name, gmod should refer to the gcf if it cannot find that file. so this might mean well
Garry Newman says he wants his 10 dollars back

Weird, I bought my game, and most of this content is from garrysmod.org. I don’t pirate, so this is real weird. Any suggestions on what to do?

Open the source materials.gcf, drag the entire materials folder into garrysmod/garrysmod.

It’s a dumb solution, but it should work.

I believe gm_bigcity uses a few materials from CS:S, but it doesn’t actually have you extract those into your garrysmod folder, and any custom materials are packed into the .bsp.
Your best bet is to do what Kabs suggested.
Get GCFScape and extract the content of source materials.gcf into your \garrysmod\garrysmod folder.

Unfortunately, I had to copy my entire Garry’s Mod to a separate file an re-install the game, I have it copied to several drives, so I should find a way to fix my game, as there was definitely something worse going on, as well. A large amount of textures have dissapeared into oblivion, and there was no other solution.

Yeah there was, and I posted it.

Get them out of the gcf files of the games they’re from. It’s simple.

Yeah, yeah “unfortunately”

Well, I did reinstall the game. It fixed all problems, except the refugee textures. I try out your solution right now.

This might sound really dumb, but I have no fucking clue how to use gcfscape.

I’ll see if I can look up how to use it.

Didn’t you simply uninstall the game those textures belong to, like CS:S or HL2 EP2 etc…

I did, but I saved my addons. Seems that the game is still convinced I have the refugee texture pack, and is still deleting the refugee textures. It’s annoying, and I want them back.

Otherwise, it fixed some other problems I was facing. Dissapearing maps/map textures for instance.