HL2 robotics reskins

This is a pack of my reskins of almost all the robotics from HL2.

Pack includes reskins for:

-shield scaner
-dog(just slightly improved materials and bumps)







Copy materials folders and paste them in steamapps/YOURUSERNAME/garrysmod/garrysmod



Good job guy, they look a little “sharp” but overall a very nice job.

Don’t really like the scanner, but I like the rest.

They’re pretty nice, but they look kinda scrappy.

I read it as “HL2 Robotic Citizens” :frown:


EDIT: (no image quote)

ORIGINAL:they look nice, good contribution, but the bump maps shouldnt be normal mapped diffuses,

they should be singularly made maps that look like this VV

“Height Map”

“Normal Map”

how to make a height map in photoshop is to understand what the highest extrusion on you bump is going to be, the normal, cause in this technique you cant make anything higher than white. white is your normal area, the standard blue, grays and black are lowered bevels.

after making a height map, you can render height to normals, normals to cavity which looks like this VV

Cavity maps are good for overlaying detail into a diffuse, it can add depth to a flat texture.

and of course with a height map you can render an ambient occlusion map as seen below VV

and thats a minor tutorial on the texturing process following the creation of a diffuse, cause otherwise youll get low quality grain, which may be good but on a lower level and using a detail map. :smiley:

God you can etheir use media tags or don’t bother quoting the images, it stretches the whole damn thread.

lol you just did, but anyway, i didnt know how long the thread was, so i just risked the annoyance. besides if you hold control and scroll back on your mouse the res goes higher and shows more page. my bad :confused:

Some nice bumpmaps there.

bumps…yeah. But my main purpose was to improve textures of the models,especially their optics.
I hate this colored spots on the original models, and here , i think, their “eyes” are more HD and pretty similar to the real optics