hl2 rp 12 slots


Why are you posting FTP IP’s?

Put some effort in your adverts or I’ll never take a look.

I tried to warn him that he shouldn’t run a serious roleplay gamemode. Oh well… Make a fool of yourself.

What in the name of hell is this? There are no words that can describe my emotions towards this.


The grammar in the OP is horrible.
It looks awful, and like no effort has been put into this ad at all.

If you don’t at least TRY to put some effort into these kind of things, no-one will ever check your server out.

Lol 12 slots.
omg help me stop the invading force of 3 rebels!!!

thats funny

This sounds like a great server!

As far as we can tell by the OP info; Its not.

Please tell me your joking?

12 slot
hl2 rp

wow this looks like a shitty server