HL2:RP Combine Sniper

Well I’m currently hosting a HL2:RP server and I need a combine sniper to work for the OTA.

I need a few things for it:
-while zoomed that it isn’t so sensitive,
-the laser is showing while zoomed,
-the laser disappears when holding it down to your side,
-files made so that you can interact with the item with the game mode (ie; take, equip, ammo, examine),
-so that you can buy it from a salesman,
-so that the icon isn’t an ERROR.
(and if possible, that while zoomed your aim doesn’t sway from side to side)

The game mode is HL2:RP made by OpenAura:

I found a reasonably good combine sniper at:

(so if you want that as a starting point)

I’ve got everything working except the following:

  1. The salesman icon is still an error for the weapon
  2. I can’t get the ammo to work for the specific weapon

If you know how to do this, please help me.
Thank you.


If its an error it means the path to the model is wrong or it does not exist.
2) Edit the weapon’s ammo type in its shared.lua

Ok, the ammo is working and so is the model icon, but the only problem is that the model isn’t a movable object, when I drop it from my inventory it becomes un-interactive, it doesn’t move and it can’t be picked up.

ahh, entities aren’t really my area of expertise.

Before when the icon was an error and I had the item, it was interactable, but when I added the model and fixed it, it became un-interactable. Does anybody have any idea of what to do? (Besides changing the icon back to an error)