HL2 RP server help

Yes its another one of these threads…
Well basically when someone connects you cannot access the character creation menu or anything. Also the music doesn’t play and the map doesn’t load. It would be really helpful if someone could show me how to do it. It may be my addons interfering with it but i removed almost all of them. I think I may not have setup the MySQL properly but I have no clue. To see the console error messages and what I’m talking about connect and see for yourself.

It could be with the MySQL Database not connecting right.

It is either a MySQL error or something else gone wrong. It is usually a MySQL error though.

Confirm your MySQL info is correct. If it is, try seeing if you can join other OA servers. If you can, try deleting your cache and also the server’s cache. If that doesn’t work, go to your game library and right click Garry’s Mod. Go to “Properties” and look for a button in one of the tabs that says verify game cache or something along those lines.