Hl2 scene tool

I think that thier should be a tool that lets you re- inact an epic scene from h12, ep1, or ep2. Like the scene from episode 2 where the bridge breaks a bit, the tool would let you spawn the bridge after sellecting that scene, then when you right click, the bridge would break. It would be useful for movies and just for fun. I think think that it would work. Is it possible?

well, its probably not possible the way you worded it, but you can:

  1. Open the VMF. Delete everything else that you don’t want,
    put a new info_player_start, new triggers, everything else.
  2. Make a new bridge scene. Make new breakables,
    new everything, you lazy shit.
    The tool your talking about would be cool, but no.
    “It ain’t gonna happen”.