HL2 Serious RP in DM?

Would it be possible to put the Serious HL2 Themed RP from Garrys Mod into a game like hl2:deathmatch?

As I have seen RP mods for it but not HL2 ones. Also wouldn’t DM be better as there is no physgun and toolgun and stuff?

It’s possible.
But this is the Garry’s Mod section…

I don’t really get your arguments though, the “physgun and toolgun” can be shut off and prevented from being used obviously.

It would take a LOT of work.

HL2: DM doesn’t have the Lua modding capability that Garry’s Mod does. You’d have to rewrite the gamemode in whatever language the server mod of your choice uses.

I used to go to a hl2rp made in hl2dm, it was kinda fun but mostly shite.

Yeah I suppose it would be better in gmod. But yeah well at least I know it can be done :smiley: