hl2 shit in episode 2

I just tried a sample map (with hammer set to episode 2) and have a scripted sequence and an actbusy for a few citizens. When I run it, they turn into the cheap citizen model and stay still. I also noticed lots of models in hl2 like blackout.mdl are not in the world model list.

I never noticed this. Is this supposed to happen? I thought everything worked across all episodes (if you had them)

Oh yeah, the console error:

That’s weird, I thought Episode 2 mounted the Half Life 2 content.

Port the shit over?

I know I could easily do it to the models I wanted, but I don’t know about the animations.

And this is just a citizen walking from one spot to the next.

The animations are included with the models.


I mean they’re in the same folder.

The animations show up correctly in hammer. Could it be that I installed Episode 2 first, then HL2?

Go into the models folder using gcfscape and extract the animation files.