HL2 skins

I have played hl2 many times but now I want to play a NEW kind of way and if you guys could help me find some good/realistic skins for hl2 that would really be appreciated. When finding skins dont send me stuff like COMBINE WITH FLAMES! remember I want like REALISTIC LOOKING ONES!!! skins could be weapons/npcs ect. you could also send me skins for HL2 E1 and E2. If we are successful then i might upload a pack to garrysmod.org with the skins i thought were best.


thanks I might make the skin pack anyway


anyone know if i am able to close this thread?

Don’t re-upload stuff that isn’t yours.

What he said. It says it in a pop up when you try to upload something.

** Do not upload stuff that is not yours.
Do not upload packs. **