HL2 Style Road Textures

Hi All,

I’m looking for some good Half Life 2 themed road textures. I know HL2 comes with a cracked road texture, but there’s no T-Junction, Crossroad, Pedestrian Crossing textures to go with them. I’ve also seen an excellent road texture up for download, but it’s very clean and tidy, where I’m looking for one that’s a bit roughed up.

Has anyone seen such a thing?

Well that’s a problem with Valve’s foresight to create road textures that would be used at the time. No doubt they had a myriad of concept textures for these sorts of things.

They do in fact have pedestrian crossings, but they’re supposed to be used as decals. One decal faces horizontally, one faces vertically. You’ll have to figure out which, as rotating the decal does nothing. I tried ages ago trust me.

It’s quite easy to make a T-junction or a crossroad. You just take snippets of the brush out and extent them into a middle. One alternative is to just have four roads meet up, and place an unpainted-line piece of texture in the middle. That’s how I do them sometimes. Experiment with your roads; there are many simple and complex ways to do it.

I only do this so I can keep my maps minimal in mod requirements; usually all you need is Ep2, CSS or something, but never a hundred different mods with all these tools packing textures into maps…confusing and time wasting.

You could use an overlay which allows you to scale and rotate decals.

That’s exactly what I like too. Minimal maps that don’t require add-ons.

As for textures, can you pack your own textures into the map? Or would you need to have them download them on connect?


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I’ll need to look into Decals as I haven’t used them before… thanks for pointing it out.

Textures, models and sounds can all be packed into the BSP file that is created for your map when it is compiled. The BSP file has a folder structure just like all source games, where there is a Materials, Sound, and Models folder.

You can just put the files into your game so that you can see them in Hammer, and then when you are ready to share the map then pack them into the map so that people don’t have to download all the files separately.

The program for packing/unpacking maps is called Pakrat.

Note: A new bsp file is created every time you recompile the map, so packed files are lost, so it is recommended that you put the files into your own games folders this way you don’t have to keep repacking the files yourself, and only do it once when you are going to share it.

Thank you Karmah , that’s really useful to know. I’ve always put them in my game files but as I’ve never really had anyone play my maps I assumed they were auto packed.

If you use a few textures from a game such as css, is it allowed to extract the textures you use and pack then into your map? So players do not need css to be able to see the maps textures?

Also, am I right in thinking gmod already includes all the hl2 textures / models?

Sorry I’ve been away for a while.

It is illegal to redistribute assets from one game into another this way, because you cannot guarantee that the end-user owns the game.

Also, I do believe that GMod contains all of HL2’s assets. The rest of the source games of that era are import-able if they own the games, but not included by default to someone who just owns GMOD.

AFAIK You can redistribute the content as long as it says within the Source ecosystem, Gmod Tower ran into the same problem at some point, and asked Valve.

Not that valve strictly reinforces their copyright anyway.

Most gmod players will have cs:s content.