HL2 Texture Unlocker

I saw it awhile ago on Garrysmod.org and had it but lost it due to a computer crash… It was an unlocker that put other HL2 textures in like the textures for different NPCs, enemies, props, etc that aren’t in Garry’s Mod by default but are in HL2. Anyone still have it? I can’t find it on garrysmod.org at all

Garry’s Mod comes with all the content in Half-Life 2, so I’m going to assume that you can’t tell the difference between Half-Life 2 and whatever game you’re actually talking about.

I know of this addon called gm_mount2 that allows you to use easily use content from other source games that normally don’t get mounted, but since you only want the textures, not the sounds, models, maps, or anything completely unimportant like that, you might be better off using GCFscape to extract the textures manually to your Garry’s Mod folder.

The materials tool doesn’t use all the textures in Half-Life 2 such as the textures for NPCs and stuff, which are the materials I want. I’ll try GCFscape, but I’m not exactly sure where to extract the textures to for them to work with the materials tool.

Oh, right then, that’s completely different. Sorry, but I can’t help you with that, extracting the textures to your Gmod folder won’t do anything though, they’re already mounted anyway.

You have to edit a LUA file, and add the materials location, of the materials you want, to make them available in the materials tool.

Righto, thanks!