HL2 Themed Beta-ish map

Hello All,

I know some here maybe have some reservations regarding anything Half-Life as moving away from the base with S&Box. My comfort zone has definitely been in this area, developing or contributing to maybe a dozen or so maps in the HL2:RP scene back in the day. For whatever reason I decided to approach hammer again with all the new additions. Thoughts / suggestions are welcome - will update this thread as things progress incase anyone even gives a fuck. Sorry for the snips - don’t give a shit to compile at this point.

notable mentions ( previous work )
rp_city7 or some shit i dont know what the fuck they named it



Keep Half Life maps alive!

I can see a separate little niche developing for HL2 nostalgia, but it’s in s&box DNA so I think the RP servers and of course the silly stuff will always be around.

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