hl2 view (and possibly world) models

i just need a one handed 357 with hl2 hands.


That’s a ridiculous amount of models to request.


Unless you pay.

well, yeah. reduced the amount.

but on tthe bright side:
no need for custom textures!:buddy:

Search “Smod” on garrysmod.org. I remember seeing a dual pistol swep in one of the packs.

damn too bad sometimes requesters don’t understand what it takes to make a model of gun.

  1. Make shape
  2. Size it
  3. Make UWV map for it.
  4. Texture it
  5. Export it
  6. Rig It.
  7. Write QC file.
  8. Compile it.

How about you just get the HEV glove skin for CSS? I’m sure there’s some Gmod SWEPs out there that fit your description, and they’ll prolly use CSS hands.

That’s not that ridiculous of a request, if I wasn’t so lazy, I could finish all of that in a day if there were existing models of the guns.