HL2 Weapon Icon For SWEP HUD Icon

I’m remaking a HL2 weapon on another base with some slight edits, the only real problem I have now is that I can’t find the texture file, font, letter, whatever it is to set the HUD/weaponselect icon of the weapon to SMG1/AR2/whatever the weapon is.
I can’t find the texture files used for it at all.

In the smg1’s script, I see this:
[lua]“font” “WeaponIcons”
“character” “a”[/lua]
However, SWEP.IconFont = “HL2MPTypeDeath” just makes it use the killicons from HL2MP instead of the select icons, and using SWEP.IconFont = “WeaponIcons” does nothing to help the problem.

“HalfLife2” is the font you’re looking for.

That’s the same killicons as “HL2MPTypeDeath”. I’m looking for weaponswitch icons.

It’s them for me