HL2 Weapons or M9K?

So on my DarkRP server 2 players wanted M9K and said HL2 Weapons are boring and does such little damage. I fixed the damage, but how would I make them less boring? Should I just use M9K?

Just get a CS weapon base and change the models to custom ones. M9K as a codebase is really unoptimised. I’m releasing one soon if you care to wait ~a week.

Yes! I can wait! Ty :smiley:

I recommend TFA if you want M9K weapons without the bad codebase. It has a lot of nice features.

Yea I like TFA but it wouldn’t fit my server as I’m basing it off the citizens viewpoint in hl2

TFA weapons are exactly the same as M9K weapons

They’re not, hence the different names

They are the same actual weapons though.

…that’s the point.


He made them the same weapons so people would stop using M9K.

That’s my point.
Why are you telling me they’re different?

Because just because they have the same names and models does not mean they look or behave the same way. Not every .22 Rifle looks or acts the same.

If they have the same models then they look the same way.
I know all guns act different, but OP says, “it wouldn’t fit my server”
That doesn’t make sense

That’s not what I meant. TFA has its own weapon HUD and attachment system which makes it look more modern.

You could add the SWEP Construction Kit’s code to the base weapon code and add some models and effects to the guns.

Would also work with M9K weapons should you choose to use them

The download required is very light if you don’t use custom models.

HL2. Much better than buggy M9K.

If you want a blatant ripoff of m9k and CW 2.0 that leaves out the best parts of CW 2.0, go with TFA. If you want quantity over quality, go with M9K. If you want a weapon base with good quality, go with CW 2.0.

“Good quality” CW 2.0 makes servers lag like shit

GTA V lags on my laptop, it might have something to do with the fact that it has a dual core Pentium processor clocked at 2.13 GHz with integrated graphics.

You get what you pay for, some $10/month server isn’t going to run any quality addons, just like a $150 laptop isn’t going to run Battlefield Hardline.