HL2 Weapon's Revamp WIP

I’m doing a revamp of the HL2 weapons from scratch, I’m bringing them all into the orange box, with all new visual effects and other stuff as it comes to mind.

Current features:
AR2, Pistol, 357 and SMG1 (making new guns is quick and easy, so this list will expand quickly!)
All new effects!
Muzzlesmoke, when you stop firing your pistol starts a smokin.
New tracers, different tracers for each gun! Buckshot doesn’t have tracers? WHICH IS WHY IT WONT HAVE ANY :open_mouth:
Optional ‘new’ functions for each weapon.
The SMG1 has 2 barrels, but there’s no way grenades would fit in there. IT MUST SHOOT BULLETS TWICE AS FAST! :open_mouth:
New effects for the grenades, both SMG and Hand-held.
Custom bullet impact effects, they’ll even work when you’re not using the weapons!


Beta 1 Release:
Requires TF2(maybe), Ep2, HL2

Credit to AndrewMcWatters for lua, effects by me.


wow… I want…

If anyone wants to help, some new sounds would be nice.

Wow, awesome.


Pistols done :open_mouth:

How do you do that! That’s amazing.

The OB particle system, a fair bit of lua, and skill baby.

I’ve decided not to do the HL2 RPG, I have no idea how to do it.

Are you using the SWEP Bases Project? It’ll save you so many lines of code, it’s ridiculous. http://code.google.com/p/swep-bases/ It’s all of the HL2 weapons, ported to Lua, the C++ equivalent. It was designed for projects like this. It has custom functions and methods you can use to easy production.

I must also tell you, this is the most/only promising addon I’ve seen in a long time. Congratulations.

omg. I want this ASAP.

I came in expecting yet another crappy redo of default hl2 weapons, but this is awesome.

I use my own base.
I’ve got a lot of features I want to control completely, and knowing all my code helps a lot.


All the easy stuff is now done.
The 357, Pistol SMG and AR2 all have their primary fire complete.
I’m thinking about doing the grenade next.
I’m not doing the shotgun just yet, I want to get most of my features in before I give the shotgun it’s unique pumping code (otherwise I’m constantly updating the shotgun and the other weapons seperately)

omfg, awesome!


Holy crap, those are amazing! Good job!

Holy shit, that’s awesome.


Those look awesome.


Waiting to be completed!

:eng99: There goes my hours of perfecting the C+±to-Lua equivalents out the window.

All that said, I hope you replicate these correctly, too many scripters fail to even care about important details with weapons such as the grenade, like being able to hold down the attack keys. [/petpeeve]

I’m sure you’ll do great, considering you prove yourself to be quite a skilled artist here. “Attention”, “to”, and “detail” must be your middle names. :smile:


Also, if you’d like, I could explain to you how the RPG works in simple conceptual code.