HL2 weaps made into SWEPs

Has anyone made the default HL2 weapons into SWEPs? I need them in lua fashion so that I can modify some of their details (ammo type, slot, etc). I looked on gmod.org and didnt see any, so I was curious if anyone has or anyone can make some SWEPs for the default weapons?

By default weapons I mean: RPG, SMG1, pistol, frag (grenade), 357, ar2, crowbar, stunstick.

Why would anyone make the DEFUALT weapons AGAIN? They alread exist so why redo them?
Yes, I need more boxes to ship my Anthrax in. Please give me more!

because I cant change their ammo type or slot position in a gamemode without lua files for them.

edit: as I said in the OP…

They way you worded that it sounds like we should make these just for you.



It’s your friend.

Well… that would be nice, but no, no one should do anything for me. I assumed this had already been done by someone before and so I was asking it as such. I have no real SWEP programming skill. Although if I was forced to, I could probably come up with something looking at other SWEP luas for help. But I figured someone else’s work would be a far far better programmed and functioning weapon than my own poorly written one.

So I thought id try and ask around before I went the ugly route.

And yes, if you have a way that I can change ammo type, max reserve, and slot position on the default weapons, I am all ears :slight_smile:

Why don’t you just go get the real CS:S weapons pack and edit those?

Or The realistic Half-life pack:

That is on my list of projects. These entities made accessible to lua really would make a nice ressource to have around. I haven’t started on them tough.

Real CSS does not contain the things I listed. I already have it for the other weapons. Realistic half-life pack does not contain some of them I am pretty sure. I will go re-download to double check. But I have downloaded it before.

I have. They’re called the SWEP Bases, they’re within GMod Plus as a means for beginner programmers, through advanced to quickly write weapons based on the original HL2 weapons.

I’ve even gone as far as replicating the code for CS:S weapons, with a proper HUD, and ballistics simulation for bullet penetration just as it’s done within the game. (The CS:S features are somewhat unfinished, but they’re the closest compiled weapons to CS:S within the GMod community.)

Should I make a thread about it?


I’ll make a thread about it… seems like a calling, since this is EXACTLY what I did.

I knew people would want this! :woop:

Thanks, you’ve just saved me a lot of trouble! :wink: