Hl2DM maps to Gmod

So I made a fretta based GM and it works fine on standard CS maps. But when I use HL2DM maps game mode is based off these the player load out no longer works. Also the the re-spawning entities weapons in the map no longer work in Garry’s Mod. So my guess is that Hl2DM uses different entities then Gmod? I tried the tutorial at the bottom of my post is this what I need to do? And if it is what I need to do, apparently I did it wrong and I need some help with it :stuck_out_tongue:

any help with this would be greatly appreciated!!

Did you use the Counter strike engine when you where mapping?

No I haven’t done any mapping, I don’t need to all the maps are already there. But the maps that worked with my gamemode were maps made for the CS engine. So my guess is HL2DM uses a different spawn entitie then css.

That’s your problem

I already know that, im asking how to change the entities in the map.

edit and what would i change them to? been a long time since i’ve done mapping and I dont have space on my hard drive to install SDK

How are you going to change them without SDK?

Just like in that tutorial on my first post

Here is what I did maybe someone can tell me where I went wrong. I took my HL2DM map and opened it in notepad++. I scrolled down and eventually found the list of entities. I copied the entities i thought i needed to change and put them in a new text file with an .ent extension. After changing the Hl2DM spawn entities to info_player_start I put the .ent in my maps folder. Loaded up the map I didn’t have any errors but the changes didn’t seem to take effect. Here is my .ent file with the new changes.

anything that says “info_player_start” used to be “info_player_deathmatch” in the original map