Hl2EP2 content not mounting correctly to gmod dedicated server?

So in my dedicated server I’m hosting the tornado maps since the official server is down, but most of the hl2ep2 props you can’t spawn, and the jalopys aren’t spawnable, and the jalopys that were in the map that you can drive around don’t work but you can still see the model, but you can’t drive in them and you can walk through them for some reason.

You must mount the content manually. Do you do it? ( Don’t ask how, check GMod Wiki first )

heres the mount.cfg:

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this is what happens to the jalopys also:


The car floats because of of the ep2 content not mounting for some reason?
I can go inside the car as if there were no collisions but i cant drive it


// means commented out, ignored. Remove // before “ep2”

this fixed it