hl2mp_ragdoll bone scale

Hello, i’m trying to scale bones off dead bodies:

	local doll = ply:GetRagdollEntity()
	for i=1,20 do
		timer.Simple(i/20, function()
			if IsValid(doll) then
				doll:ManipulateBoneScale(6, Vector(i/2,i/2,i/2) )

But it does’n change at all.
Then i have tried to check bone scale with GetManipulateBoneScale(6) and it had correct scale from 0.5 to 9.5 but no visible effect.
So there is a question:
How to scale visible hl2mp_ragdoll’s bones?

you gotta run this code on client.

I tried this with console:

lua_run_cl player.GetByID(2):GetRagdollEntity():ManipulateBoneScale(6, Vector(2,2,2) )

Nothing change…
sv_allowcslua is 1 and ragdoll of player 2 is valid.

Seems hl2mp_ragdoll has different bones id. So problem solved. I’ll try to find correct bone. Thank.