Hl2rp and how to set it up.

(First of all, I know many people have asked this and they’re morons and I assure you I know what I’m doing. Or most of it at least.)

Now, I used to be on an hl2rp server and, the admin being a man child, he decided that something else was better. Personal opinions aside, I want this thing done so I can start my own server.

I have the files and srcrdds, or whatever the hell the damn thing is called, all I need now is a free mysql provider; and yes I know what a mysql database is, as this seems to have been an excuse for not helping anyone. I assure you I am at least qualified in this department :v:

So, anyone know where I can get a free mysql database? I’ve tried one site but it’s founder dropped out of contact and it’s servers are no longer available for use.

Sites offering free MySQL databases are terrible if you’re trying to start a server, they are meant for testing small things.

Also, I hope you’re not just installing SRCDS on your computer. If so, good luck with running your server.

Your best bet is to rent a server, or find someone that is willing to host a database for you.

Actually i’ve ran many servers with www.db4free.net and they worked fine.

db4free is slow. Don’t use it if you’re gonna run a server.

It’ll function perfectly fine, yes, but it’s not as fast as it could be and you risk having your databases removed as I believe db4free.net is intended solely for testing purposes.

Just stating that it works ;p

I would suggest http://www.heliohost.org/ and it would also be best to sign up with the
Stevie server as it’s more stable, it allows remote connections and is a pretty decent free
hoster. Although sometimes there’s some downtime which can be of nuisance but in the past
while they haven’t been getting too many outages.