HL2RP and originality

It is disappointing to see how every server wastes their potential to create a badass HL2-fanfiction storyline and settles for, ‘Somewhere in the downtrodden Ukrainian city of City##.’ I want to see a server who turns the combine into space-nazis and makes them use the local guns rather then MP7’s. I want to see CP’s in shoddy, dirty Russian gasmask uniforms wielding AK47’s and mosin-nagants. I want to see a server taking place in a war-torn North America with wastelanders roaming the apocolyptic countryside after the combine got fed up with second-amendment rights. What does FP think of such awesome settings?

I like the way you think.

An RP set during the 7 hour war would be interesting to see, people actually having to repel small invasion forces, more action oriented. The “oh the Combine are in rule, I guess I should mope around the city until I get sodomized by one” type of RP is pretty stiff, and hard to do anything interesting in.

Sounds awsome.
Though, that would end at one point.
Unless you manage to make Seven hours into a few weeks :psyduck:

I was thinking using parts of the halflife world untold and filling it in with badass fanfiction. Say the combine were unable to tame the gun-bearing freedom-fighting American population. The combine gave up on exploiting the labor quickly exchanging the air and making the region inhospitable for life. There are occasional combine and rebel barracks scattered around the continent humans only surviving through gasmasks.

I want WOTS RP.

HL2RP set in a third-world African country. Holy shit that’d be badass.

I don’t understand GMod roleplay (simply because it doesn’t seem like true action role-playing to me). I do however understand games such as Morrowind and Oblivion, which are definitely action role-playing games.

Perhaps if there was a gametype out there like those games, mainstreamers would be more likely to play it, and not bash GMod roleplayers.

I know what you mean, and truth is, the definition of roleplaying originated from geeks dressing up as knights in the forests during the weekends, after that, dungeons and dragons were made, the board-based roleplaying game. This is where roleplaying got a set of rules. From there on out, masses of boardgames were made, and then, later on as the computer was made, MUDs were formed, a MUD was like a text-based roleplaying game, it had little rules, and you had to type out alot of things. I’ve made one once, it’s pretty fun.

Then roleplaying got split into brances:

  1. The text based immersion. (Such as what we have in gmod.)
  2. The rules and gameplay. (Such as oblivion.)

That’s roleplaying in a nutshell for you. So you’re correct, but at the same time, incorrect, since every coin has two sides.