HL2RP at XenonnServers.com

Hello there.
I need help setting up an HL2RP at Xenon Servers, I have all the files I need, but it is the configuration and such…

Everybody who help will get a reward on our server, maybe even an admin title.

Hmmm, I never used this hosting provider but I had thought of using them to create my own HL2RP server.

First things first, do you have both the Base OpenAura schema? If you don’t, you can’t run the HL2RP schema without it. Next, configure the files there like the MySQL text file in the base. (aswell as the owner.txt where you put your STEAM_ID in)

If you need a free mysql provider that works just fine, visit this link http://www.freemysql.net/.

Configure you’re start up file and set the gamemode to “hl2rp” (remove quotes)
Also set the map you want.

For my question, is Xenon Servers a good host? I have seen a bit of good and bad reviews of them at the same time. I saw them as the provider who has the cheapest rates for servers ($0.39 USD per slot).


(Also if you need help with configuring, I can configure it for you. E-Mail: wildrory@gmail.com)

Uhm… Yeah, I forgot to mention that we are up and going, good config.

And my answer for your question wildrory, would be that XenonServers is an alright server hosting company… Not too bad, and especially with thoughts on the low prices there. There may be some lag spikes, especially when you have lots of clients connected to the server. Not too bad host, not too good.
If you want to join the server and say hello, just send me a pm, and I will send you the IP. I dont want to place the IP here, cuz then I might get in trouble for advertising or something.

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