HL2RP clockwork server Fucked up

My gamemode will not work on my server it stopped at like 1:47am this morning also in my serial key area it says: Your serial key could not be found! Can you help resolve this issue please I have many disappointed players not been able to get on the server, Anyhelp, Thanks.

Did you buy this gamemode of cloudsixteen?
You may want to read this:

If not then you may not want to discuss this further unless you want to get banned.

I did buy it, Its been working fine untill today.

Have you put your serial key in the file called serial.cfg?

Yes, It wouldnt be working all this time without it :stuck_out_tongue:

You may want to send a support ticket to cloud sixteen then.

I have, But there support is offline, So might as well ask what facepunch thinks.

use new keys not old and you must have newest clockwork /hl2rp installed with new key


Do you have a newest key and the newest clockwork?

If not then you must get them.

Sorry was tired but not to hard to figure out.
If you have legit keys go to clockwork’s site because they have issued you a new key & the new clockwork version.

Okay, Ill test this out later