HL2RP Gamemode SetUp a new Class / New Rank - Donator

Hello Guy’s,

can you help me with 2 Problems? I hope so.
I have buy the HL2RP Gamemode from Cloud 16 and now i need your help. I have setup the Server with no Problem’s. NPc’s are working too.
But i want to create a new Class called Donator. And a Player should get this rank automaticly if he Donate over a Donation - Ingamemenu.
A Donator should get more Token’s and he should buy weapon’s from business. Furthermore he should get Physgun and Toolgun access to the important Tool’s.

My next Problem is i want to setup a new Class (Job) Like Gundealer or Blackmarket Dealer.
If I set a Player do this Rank he should get a business with Gun’s and Ammo or other Stuff.

I hope you guy’s can help me.

(Sorry for my bad English)

Your’s Wisi.

Why not ask the guys over at cloudsixteen to help you?

Answer of my Ticket:
“This support is not for adding features but problems setting up the server. Feel free to request help like this on the forums.”

I’m almost sure they where implying to ask for help on the cloudsixteen forums. :suicide:

We can’t really help you here, since some of us didn’t but HL2RP, I would ask on the Cloudsixteen forums like what munch suggested.

The Problem is i want to ask on the Cloudsexteen Forum but i cant found the Forum lol.
I only see “home , Products, Client Area and Contact Us”.

EDIT Ok i have the Forum! thanks for help.