hl2rp Garrysmod

I’ve recently got hl2rp for my Xfactors server and I need help installing it. I’ve got both RAR files on my desktop (hl2rp and openaura base) and I’ve put them in the gamemode folder but it won’t do anything. I’ve got freemysql and I used the stuff and put it on Mysql. When I go on the command line and make the default gamemode ‘Hl2rp’, I join and it’s just sandbox… I even tried ‘OA HL2RP’ for the default gamemode command line. It’s really frusterating.

BTW the gamemode is not bought. It’s off of dramaunlimited… but it works for lots of people. PLEASE HELP! I REALLY WANT IT NOW!

BTW the host is XfactorServers. And when I insert the openaura directly in the garrysmod folder, it just sticks there and doesn’t move. It’s supposed to be redirected to different folders…

It would probably be a good idea to read the sticky and post in the proper subforum for this stuff at Help & Support.