HL2RP Help :S

Hey, I recently bought a Legacy HL2 RP ticket off of cloudsixteen.com and I spent all day downloading things. I finally finished and I get up to mysql. I have no experience in mysql what so ever so if someone could reply to this any maybe help me? It would mean alot. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, I assume you have been given instructions yes? Something along the lines of execute some .sql files onto your MySQL server, no?

Tell me, does your MySQL server use phpMyAdmin?

No, I have only done what it has said on the cloudsixteen wiki. I also believe I don’t have the correct link for mysql :S If you could throw me that real quick it might help.

Just checking, have you read http://wiki.cloudsixteen.com/Configuring yet?

I have, But it wasn’t really any use to me because I didn’t know anything about MySql

Ok. Allow me to unravel this for you.

This is basically telling you you need a remote database to connect your server to. Most Dedicated Server providers will provide you with a Remote MySQL Database, but if not, you may have to install one yourself, or use one with a Web Host (such as HostGator).

Username and password is self explanatory.

when it asks for your database, it wants the name of the database all the tables will be stored in.

Tables are self explanatory. Ever done a Science experiment and recorded results? its sorta like that, only it indexes these results by a key value (say, an ID number, Steam ID, name, etc…)

Host is the IP address of the server containing ur database.

Before we continue, do any of your providers offer a Remote Database for you to use? A little snooping into CPanel options should give you a quick answer.

Currently I don’t have a provider because my computer is decent to run a server (I know how much it takes to run one with globally so I somewhat set it up for that) If it is possible to do it off my PC it would be great but if I can’t I would have to get a provider.

Hmm… this could be an issue.

What operating system?

Windows 7

Edit: If I’m answering things retarded it’s because it’s 3 am here soo just a heads up.

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And then I realize that’s not what an operating system is. I’m just gonna try to stop the derpyness. I got a SSD 6gb ram and an Intel Core2 Duo Processor E8400

Thats alright Pancock, i can bare with.

As far as I am aware, you can’t host a MySQL server from a Windows 7 PC, and even if you could it would be highly discouraged.

I would greatly suggest purchasing some sort of web service for your remote database. HostGator if you wish to bundle with a Website, however if you have the spare parts, you could install Windows Server or Linux onto another device and host your MySQL server there.

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No you had it right the first time. Windows 7 is an Operating system.

Alright, I’m getting specs and my OS mixed up. Where on HostGator are the MySQL rentings?

let me find them for you… one sec

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You can get as little as a hatchling plan and that will give you the SQL stuff you need, with the added benefit of a place to put loading screens, fast-dl content…

That seems like a decent deal, Does it come with MySQL and CPanel? Or something?

Yes. CPanel, MySQL, phpMyAdmin, (and you also get ur own email address thing like mine: admin@friendshipisgaming.net).

They dont show u the cost of getting the domain registered but that should be about a 1 time payment of about $5-$10 depending on whether its .net or .com, etc.

You can set up a MySQL server on your PC.

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I would suggest you to use a GSP though.

No idea how HL2RP supports MySQL, but would WAMP work?

It probably would. I don’t think it’s necessary to install it just to get a MySQL server running. I’m running a MySQL Server here (Win 8) without any additions and it’s working fine.

By the way, aside from MySQL, are there any good alternative in installing at Windows by any chance?


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Installing HL2RP?

I just don’t understand. Why can’t we as users install MYsql on the same server again?