HL2RP help

So i go into a Half Life 2 Role Play server, and I see a whole new world of RP just from the Create a Character screen. I create a person, click okay, get the introduction of HL2RP, and then I can’t see anything. I can see lights and the breencast screen, but they are really dark. I can see all text perfectly, but I can not see anything else. I tried a few different servers, but I got the same results. I have a mac, and macs tend to have more issues in garrysmod than windows, but I really want to play HL2RP. How do I fix this problem

Try increasing your brightness, but I don’t really understand what are you saying. Make a screenshot and post it here.

lua_run_cl GAMEMODE.RenderScreenspaceEffects = function() end
Type that in console, should fix it according to users on my community.

Tried that, didn’t work…

Brightness is all the way up and all settings are normal.

You’re a Mac user right?

Oh yeah forgot to mention that