HL2RP Help

So before I start up my own HL2RP server, I needed a little help.
This is pretty much a list of questions I had that i’m hoping people can answer for me:

Were can I find the commands such as setting door owners and faction door owners?
How can MetroPolice permanently be Units/Police instead of Recruits.
Currently when I use /setclass, when I change characters it goes away. Also my name still has RCT

How can I add items/props to the map?
How can I set spawns for factions?

I have been searching around. I can’t seem to find it anywhere


I think you should learn more before starting your server maybe learn some lua? It should help you later on.

I have another staff member working on the coding

Shouldn’t you ask him to help.

He is handling the code. I am trying to set more of the items up in the server itself.

Sorry about the answers, but honestly unless you get your coder to do it, that’s all I can tell you.

I probably should have stated in the OP that I am using OpenAura…

We say again if you have a coder ask him to help you.

Revised answers

Wow, I really forgot all of these commands, there should be an overwatch menu or something, if not I’ll find the commands.

Responses in bold.

Rowtree - Thank you so much. I have a few more questions if you could help any more.

How can I write on walls to advertise the forums and stuff/Needing IC means to enter an area?
How can I set doors to Factions?
How/Where can I get a Ration Vender?
Combine Locks for doors? How can I spawn them?
When adding a Salesman(/salesmanadd) I cannot get a model to show no matter what I do. Any help?

Sorry for all the questions. I really wish there was some documentation that I could use :expressionless:
Thanks again.

You also do realize most commands and their purpose is in the Directory right?

I’ve been looking through it and cannot find anything :\

Anybody that can help with the remaining questions, that would be great.

Did you read the quote and notice the bold text?

You skipped his first question and the last one didn’t bold properly.

To add text use “/textadd”

I can help you. Send me a messege on steam: CarmineGear

Alright thanks Carmine, I’ll add you now.

Thanks for the text as well that helps a ton!