HL2RP Ideas

I’ve been working on getting an HL2RP server up lately and I’ve played a bit with my friends but it just gets boring after awhile. I really want to get something that will attract players and make them want to play instead of them just thinking of it as a generic TacoScript server. Do you guys have any ideas?

Be creative, have events.
Don’t do the classical CCA.

Don’t get a minge admin team, customize a lot. Have some defining feature to it. TnB has the largest playbase, RN has an awesome script, etc.

get teh weaponz

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Make interesting events for the players, such as whenever a rebellion or riot becomes out of hand, the Combine retreat to Nexus and use headcrab canisters, which infest the town - then civillians will be racing to reach the aparments and lock the doors. After a while, the combine come out and start to cull the headcrabs. It’s your roleplay really, think of some better ideas.

I like that.

Make the server accessible to new players.

Have regular recruitments into the factions, and make sure to change the faction leaders if you start to feel they, and their members, are being elitist.

Don’t get elitist yourself, if people feel it takes too long to achieve anything on your server, they simply won’t play on it.

Have regular ‘New Player days’, on which yourself and faction leaders help integrate new players into your community.

I did that earlier today, it’s cool that we think alike.

have a day call destroy all minges day!


Just no.

Every day on my server Is a new player day at least that how I wish it was. Some days we are to into the rp to care about new people. But I always try to help them out in all and any ways