HL2RP/OpenAura Help

I’ve Been Trying To Set Up HL2RP And OpenAura With Many Failed Attempts.
I Was wondering If Anyone Knew Of Any Proper Tutorials Or Could Make A Tutorial?
Thanks Much :wink:

If you’re an owner of OpenAura, it shouldn’t be too hard to get help from the developers. If you didn’t buy it, you’re probably out of luck if you can’t set it up yourself.

Where Is The OpenAura Site And How Much Is It?

http://cloudsixteen.com - I am the creator of OpenAura.

If you need something free and competetive check out Tiramisu 2, it’s only in beta right now but it’ll be done very soon.

It’s got some features OA can’t touch. :wink:

In one click of a button you can also pre-order that version of the schema for Clockwork, too! Clockwork and the schemas are being worked on by myself, Alex, and Disseminate; it boasts a great new feature set as well as a ton of general improvements, bug fixes, and new UI designs.

Clockwork has a huge list of features that both OpenAura and Tiramisu can’t touch. Clockwork has a developer-friendly and well documented code base, allowing for both beginners and advanced scripters to create rich roleplaying schemas.

You can check Clockwork progress here or on the BitBucket page. Also don’t forget to check out the Cloud Sixteen forums for the OpenAura and Clockwork community.

Being a Cloud Sixteen customer also grants you access to a support system, where you can get help from our staff if you’re having trouble setting up or maintaining your schema(s). Clockwork will also officially supported by three major game server hosting providers, allowing One-Click setup for customers who purchase hosting from them.

If you have any more questions feel free to enquire at contact [at] cloudsixteen [dot] com. Thanks!

Let’s go there. :zoid:

Tiramisu 2 is a free script, now and forever. It’s programmed by two volunteers and has had a few other contributors.

Tiramisu 2 is easy to edit, and the two main developers will gladly help you set up a server, and we’ll even edit the existing schemas slightly if you so need it. For free.

You can check out our progress here: https://github.com/kamaitama/Tiramisu or IM me or Fnox/Bigbang for help or a demonstration.

Tiramisu 2 is currently in beta, but will be released soon. We won’t stop there, though. We’re going to continue to stay competitive.

Here’s a list of new/defining features in Tiramisu 2:

[release]A re-hauled UI, no longer do we have a bland UI, it’s now the perfect mix of pretty and function.

Simple to modify, it’s so easy most non-scripters pick up on the simple stuff by just looking at it.

No weapons to make! It automatically turns weapons into items when you pick them up.

Unique thirdperson view. This view allows you to look around without spinning, so your character’s head actually tracks where you’re looking at. Firstperson is available too.

A group system that lets you make groups and factions on-the-fly in-game.

In-game headhacking. Want models of CPs with their helmet off? You just equip the CP clothing without equipping the CP helmet and the script does the rest.

Turn ANY ragdoll with a valve biped model into clothes or a helmet.

A gear system that is a lot like PAC, easy to use.

And more.

It’s free. Now and forever.

Adding onto that, I am more than willing to help anyone set up their Tiramisu/Tiramisu 2 server, and help them customize it and develop it to make their server more unique (free of charge, I don’t need admin or anything else. There’s no catch, I am offering this to help new server owners get their Tiramisu/Tiramisu 2 server up and running quickly).

I have been running Tiramisu on three servers, and I can assure you of that it’s the most user friendly and top notch roleplay script I’ve ever encountered. It deserves a lot more publicity.

Oh, and yeah, this thread is about you needing HL2RP/OA help… Well, I guess the advise/help I have to give you on the matter is: try out Tiramisu 2, you won’t be disappointed. Or you could just buy one of Conna’s overused scripts (no offense intended, OpenAura is pretty overused). Your choice.

You are awesome.

OpenAura aside, Clockwork as a framework is free now and forever. Clockwork is also fully documented on release, allowing developers to make schemas easily and quickly.

However most server owners aren’t developers, and it doesn’t seem like the OP is. Clockwork’s schemas are not free, and since it appears like he is trying to open a HL2RP server, he might want to look at some more affordable alternatives.

what if someone wants to make there own hl2rp on clockwork?

That’s fine, it just can’t be called “HL2 RP” exactly like that, it could be called literally anything else. “Other HL2 RP” if you wanted.

Better HL2 RP

Well, no. We have a policy not to accept schema names from developers which slander other schemas; it’s a fair-usage policy, so everybody gets a fair chance and the Clockwork developer community don’t become assholes.

It’s a matter of choice. Try both whenever you can. I guarantee to you they are wildly different experiences.

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You just don’t give up.

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OP Obviously has downloaded a free version of OA/HL2RP, Im supprised Kuro hasent started yelling at him.

Then you should be surprised why didn’t he yell at thousands of other people who downloaded it.