HL2RP, quick question, possibly some help or insight?

Hello, I run a small server and my Co-Owner and I have been trying to get OA to work.
We’ve made some process, but then realized that the Patch 129, or something, has stopped us dead in our tracks.
He insists on telling me we are ready and “Need Garry’s next patch.”
Not that I don’t believe him, I just wanted to be sure that he was right, that we must wait. I’d rather fix it ASAP instead of just sitting around doing nothing.
Here is the error I get in console:

[openaura\gamemode\openaura\directory\cl_changelog.lua:50] attempt to concatenate local ‘text’ (a nil value)

Sidenote: Before we were stuck at the “Initializing” part in the load up, but then it fades and sits there. I think something changed and the initializing is up, but you can walk around spawn with the error in the console and your screen 90% blurred out.

Could someone help me out by telling me what this means, and/or helping us out?

If there is anything you could do to help, I would greatly appreciate it!

I still am having trouble. I am running on NFO servers, and really need some help. Please… Anyone, could you recommend a similar framework or help me fix the issue?

I can help you add me on steam