[openaura/gamemode/openaura/cl_auto.lua:2285] attempt to index field ‘OpenAuraSplash’ (a nil value)(Hook: HUDDrawScoreBoard)

What are you trying to do here?

Explained a million times, this go to the Help & Support sub-thread. Also, you should give people more information if you’re trying to explain a problem you have in HL2RP.

Well, When i join aHL2RP Server, It shows that error like 500 Times after “Please Wait Until Openaura initializes” Then the screen goes completely gray.

You can get official HL2 RP support at http://cloudsixteen.com/store, doing this there helps to not spam Facepunch. Thanks!

If you’re having a problem then this isn’t the place to go either. If you go back to the main forum board, underneath the “Garry’s Mod Discussion”, you should see a “Help & Support”.