HL2RP SERVER (If you help you get co-owner)

Hi, I run a HL2RP server and for some reason my commands are not working. It loads the game and then it immediately logs in and everything works fine. The only problem is well…I cannot (and everyone else for this matter) do any /mes or /event and you know general commands. I am not stupid but I am also not a super genius. I really would LOVE HELP ON THIS. It’s been driving me insane.

PS. I am also setting another server up for a friend, the only problem is that I am rusty on how to make it. Please can someone give me a reasonable understandable explanation on how to set it back up. It’s going to be a dedicated server. If you help this thread might be the one people find on google to help solve there problems so you aren’t bothered anymore about this. So if you could help, that would rock!


(Sorry if this is in the wrong thread, I am new to facepunch).

I’ll add you on steam and help you out.

Edit: Added you

My steam username is SadGardenGnome. It should come up as Emperor Kuzko for now or something.