HL2RP Worth the money?

Hello i have a server and im looking for a good gamemode, i found hl2rp but is it worth 150EUR will the server get much players? is there any better gamemodes?


It varys on how good your at customising things but may be worth taking a look at this.


Well, I never liked it. It’s always the same, walk, get some rations, talk and get bored.

no, its not.

Who the fuck buys a gamemode? Make your own.

who buys a gamemode that costs 15 times as much as the game itself?

Not worth the money, especially not if you don’t already have an already populated community.

OA is horribly optimized, and focuses on letting the script do most of the work rather than the players.
I wouldn’t recommend it.

Meh, some people like it including me. If you don’t have a dedicated playerbase there is no way you should get it though.

No why should you pay for a gamemode? And it’s full of back doors so the creator can shutdown your gamemode if he feels like it.

Who sells gamemodes when valve don’t really like people donating for titles. Surly this is like selling DLC for the game at a price which can only considered disgraceful.

Absolutely not worth it unless you already have some major support from members and are certain that you can make a successful server with it. I personally own the Severance schematic for OpenAura and I already had a community built up before I started using it. Other than that, HL2RP really isn’t a good choice for role-playing servers unless you’ve got some super special gimmick in mind to make it fun.

I don’t see how Severance could be any better than HL2RP, RP is after all not about shooting zombies…

Most of the conna gamemodes are here: http://www.dramaunlimited.org/

Handing out wares is a bannable offense. Just saying.

No no, its not worth it at all. Its a gimmick. There is no reason whatsoever to buy this gamemode under any circumstance. Get tacoscript or something similar if you want to run an RP server.

The difference between tacoscript and openaura is not even close to 150eu. This is a obvious scam to the experienced crowd designed to pray on the inexperienced and perhaps younger crowd who think they’ve bought something special. Its also much more challenging to modify as the internal workings of the gamemode are hidden. The script itself periodically goes down if kuro’s server is down which happens quite often considering he seems to attract people who own botnets.

But it can be… HL2RP is dull and overdone (and done poorly), he’s got a good point.

150 fucking euros? merciful christ

And that’s not what we did.

Its not warez, they have no right to sell their gamemode for money, they have no legal backings whatsoever…

Does it matter? They made it, they have a licence on it. I hate when people sell gamemodes, but the coder made it, they have the right to sell it.

Selling gamemodes seems like a perfectly normal practice to me. You wonder why?
Well, it’s plain simple. A person makes something from scratch and requests the consumer to pay for them to be able to get/use the product.
It’s like selling bread: The baker makes the bread and sells it.
Best thing to compare it with is websites. Everything you need to make a website is free, but people still makes and sell websites made out of free code to run on servers where people pay with, and people have to pay to be able to access the internet and see the website.

So do you hate your local baker(i know it’s not a really good example, but it comes close to the core) or your local web-designer?
A lot of work goes into these kind of gamemodes, and I believe that the people who spent time working on it deserve somehing in return. Some people only want respect and release their gamemode, other fee that their gamemode is worth more than that and put a price on it.