Hey im a super admin on a HL2RP , but i dont know how to set people to be able to be MetroPolice etc…

Any help?

I don’t even have to play on your RP server to know that it’s absolutely crap.

How about you learn how to be an admin before you buy a server or admin from another community.

I know how to be admin -.- but first time ive been admin on a HL2RP

In HL2RP, you have to whitelist people for factions. Use the whitelist command.

whitelist command ? , ive checked on google for commands for HL2RP (OA) but cant find it

/plywhitelist Player’s Characters first name Metropolice Force

Thank you :slight_smile:

Why are kids so dumb nowadays days?

darkrp has infected them with the cancer

I got a other question , Why isnt the doors in the map Own able?

There is a full command list on the menu on OA I think, both regular and admin commands if I’m right.

ive checked the directory in OA and theres no admin commands there

You have to set them to ownable, if I remember correctly, It’s /doosetownable doorname

Alternatively, if you want a door to be unownable, you type /doorsetunownable doorname

You made a typo, it’s /doorsetownable doorname

So, i got a question. Do you know where i can find a list of commands?

Press Tab > Directory > Commands.

If you’re a super admin you should really know these things.

I am testing hl2 rp, would anyone give me some help on how I get to be a city scanner?

Probably without complaining about me being uber dumb.


You are uber dumb. Read the code an-

Oh fuck it, put SCN in a metropolice unit’s name.

xD Lol

Thankyou. \I am really really dumb!

How did you even manage to get a server running, when you can’t even figure out how to use the admin commands on YOUR server?

People now a days :frowning: