HLDJ help please!

Hey guys,

I got my HLDJ working properly and everything, however I set my audio “hotkey” (to play/stop music) to F1 (which I forgot that I need F1 for something else). I went back to change the hotkey to another key, and when I start up the game again, both F1 and the new hotkey play the audio file.

How do I remove/delete the first hotkey from being active? (Overriding doesn’t seem to work either).

Perhaps HLDJ stores the config in some directory that’s saving it? :s

Nope source remembers binds you have made so just go to options>keyboard and you could click restore to defaults or what ever it is

I’ve noticed that when you bind keys, it doesn’t save unless you exit the game properly, I.E. not force quitting it in any way. Did you do that?