HLDJ sound skipping sporadically [VID included]

I really want to get this figured out. I’m looking to make vids and want to have working audio that I can pull off my comp. Even though I have visual lag, this is only an issue with HLDJ and every audio file. As you can see, even when I’m standing still or there isn’t anything happening on the screen, it still skips and stutters.

Example video here:

I’ve tried HLSS- It wouldn’t play audio no matter how much troubleshooting I did. It would show the song name at the top but would never playback, so I ragequit on HLSS. If anyone has suggestions, maybe even another program, that would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time!

I wouldn’t say you use hldj here but I would ask here

ah yes, I should have guessed there’d be a forum specifically for that. Thanks gz.