HLDMS Player Models

well the gman squad did it so can some one make a gman robo and zombie. im not trying to be mean i just some if u can make them

Thanks if u can,

That was video editing.

Actually it wasn’t. If it were they wouldn’t of had the vehicle animations for the car chase scene, and crackbone couldn’t have held the phone. Not only that but clyde used the tool gun alot in the epesode with the car that he actually drove.

definately not video editing.

and uaredead as soon as I figure out how to model I’ll take a go at this! :smiley:

Ok uaredead now that i know u have a facepunch account i can add u.
But yes those were playermodels…

well this was bin siting here for 2 week

this is a dead form now

nice bump

i didnt want to get rid of this form

this would be awesome

Epic bumb

Bump Bump Bump Bump

yeah this really needs to be done.

Well you can make npcs with them.

Can you give it to us?

Isn’t working right now.



I might do it if I’m bored enough.
It’s not a promise, so don’t get your hopes up.


Haters gonna hate


I even went as far to add fingerposing because I’m a cool guy.

Finished Freeman