hlds in linux - Missing XQM and Mechanics Models in PHX

I tried numerous times to get srcds set up on my linux box. But PHX is giving me issues.

First go i installed everything I could and fired it up. As soon as I tried to spawn any XQM or Mechanics Models from phx svn it gives me a server error missing model.
In game it shows the model but it has a green ring and says watermelon01 prop effect, it does not matter which one I try to spawn.

It is definitely a server problem. The strange thing is all the other phx props spawn perfectly fine just not XQM or Mechanics.

I even ran a completely clean install with just phx svn as the only add on. I do not understand what is going on, the only thing I can think of would be some file permissions issue but I do not know where to start. Please help.

The server is running on the most recent ubuntu, fully up to date. Installed everything with the update tool and steam, phx svn.

scrds not hlds