Hello guys, i have a problem with setting my fast dl for my garrysmod server. so i have my wampp setup and my friends can download files which i put in www folder and i’ve set my config “sv_downloadurl” “http://my ip/” and put my maps into “www/maps/ttt_freddy_the_ship_v2c.bsp” and the file with .ztmp there , i disabled my addon through workshop so i won’t have the map and i try to connect my server but it says missing map now i tried this with filezilla ftp server too and instead of my ip i put “ftp://guest@my no-ip ip” of course i have a guest account in my filezilla and allowed it to download it but its still the same how do i set it up so i can use fast dl?

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ok i fixed it so if you guys wanna know you have to put them exactly what your garrysmod\DownloadLists