Welcome lads!

I want to give a warm welcoming to all you sexy people who play rust! Our server can provide you one of many things!
-Active Admins
-NO Hackers/Admin Abuse
-Friendly And Easy Going Community
-Dedicated TS server
-Dedicated Forum
-Dedicated Website (Coded with skill) - Many different features

**Why should you join our servers? Because HLG is a dedicated team for your enjoyment and that’s what we work on, we always take notes on how to improve and we always want new members! **

Feel free to message me in game or on teamspeak if you guys need any help whatsover


We also reached $300 in donations! So people are obviously happy with our work (This month)

How to connect the easiest way through console

  1. You’re going to want to hit console “F1”

Type this short line of code "net.connect “Server IP”

This is the full code with the IP if you’d rather copypasta it instead

net.connect “”

Keep IN mind you have to be in a random server then it’ll just transfer you to another one

Or you can join by the name… it’s hard to fine but this is the alt way 'Hardly Legal Gaming [HLG] - PvP

I love you all and i really do hope you join :slight_smile:

ts.hardlylegalgaming.com:10052 - Our dedicated TS

http://hardlylegalgaming.com/home - Dedicated Website

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