I have reskinned a model of catwoman and would like to use HLMV to see her, however I keep getting “ERROR LOADING MODEL”, and then the program crashes. If it helps, heres the directory of where I put my models to view them:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps(mysteamname) eam fortress 2 f\models
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps(mysteamname) eam fortress 2 f\materials\models

Something is wrong with your model, Check if the smd exporter gives any error or if the compiler gives any errors.

No errors, but quick question just to make sure, I should include all of the other extensions such as .phy and all of that right, or is it a waste of extra space for HLMV?

you need to have an idle animation even for a static prop.
but you dont really need a collision mesh in order for a model to work without one it will basicly be like an effect inside of gmod.

If it still doesnt work there is propably a problem with the geometry maybe the topology is bad or something else

Yes you need to include all the files. Also all the files need to be in the folder structure you compiled them to.

If the original model was in models/yourmodel/yourmodel.mdl you can’t just put it into models/yourmodel.mdl but it has to be in the full structure

Oh he meant the compiled files silly me.

So that’s what I was doing wrong.

Well thanks for solving yet another one of my problems wraithcat.