HLRP Gamemode

Hey, I’m looking for a HLRP Gamemode but can’t seem to find a decent one anywhere. Can anyone link me one?


There is Open Aura, but that isn’t what I would go with, look around a bit or pay a scripter to make one for you.

Thanks, do you know where I can find a download for Open Aura?

You can buy it from Kuro, I don’t know about any mirrors.


Tirimasu 2.

Nuff said

Add me on steam (coolkidswe), and I might be able to help you.

How the hell could you help him on Steam in a way you couldn’t help him right now?

Oh, I’ll guess? Sell him a pirated version of OA…

It would go against all I believe in to sell something that I did not make…
I’m no greedy capitalist.

#Edit# Also, I rather have a live conversation, not just a one way conv over a site.

What a respectable fine gentleman you are…