HLRS-4 Diesel Locomotive

This locomotive is designated Half Life Road Switcher number 4. It is my 4th generation of locomotives built using primarily hl2 props. The design was heavily based off of the ALCO RS-11 (A real life locomotive.) The locomotive consists of 108 props, nearly 3/4 of that are hl2 props. Non hl2 props include the base, wheels, the company logo (for some imaginary railroad,) most of the cab and some wire models for lights and horn. The train is powered by wired thrusters connected to a simple wired system.

And now for the picture insanity

The locomotive in all of its unmaterialized, uncolored glory.


Front View (With material + color)


Back/Top View


Side View


Cab View


And for anyone’s curiosity, these are images of two of the three previous creations with hl2 prop locomotives.

Images of the HLRS-3, HLRS-2 and HLRS-1



HLRS-2 (never fully completed)




I like the first one

It’s a bit to much phx to be “primarily hl2 props”.

Wolf is the train God :smiley:

kp3, I disagree.

Its pretty good looks realistic and like a train

Material and colour not the best, but really good none the less.

That icon reminds me of Reboot o.o

First one is excellent!

Yes it does.

this is nothing compared to the other trains Wolf_Marine has :]

I see like five plates. on the whole thing.

Go redefine your standards. :colbert:

But they are so big. Would look better if he made them invisible and made them out of vanilla stuff instead.

wouldn’t that look weird?

A flat vanilla prop to make a platform or small flat detail isn’t phx abuse. They’re there for a reason
I think it looks great, the plates are blended well :3