HLSS broke

Well not sure if too many people noticed, but HLSS and HLDJ are broken in Garrysmod. One thing I’m wondering is if Garry did it on purpose, and if he did then I’m dissapointed that he didn’t have the courtesy of even putting in a neat little message in console informing us of its intentional disabling like last time this happened.

I used to enjoy playing music with my friends on the sandbox server I pay for, but that has been foiled by this recent update.

If it’s unintentional, does Garry have any intention of fixing it?

And I’m sorry to those who can’t stand the use of HLSS or HLDJ, but some people like to use its powers for the forces of good instead of minging and micbombing innocent civilians.

My friend has HLDJ and it works fine… me on the other hand, I “NEED” goldwave to remove “invisible loudness” he says. Anyway, it should work.

Well HLSS is definitely broke, and if it’s only HLSS that doesn’t work then I guess it’s up to the HLSS developers to fix it. It’s a bitch, though, because it’s hard to find proper .mp3 converters (You have to buy audacity for .mp3 converting I think) and HLSS is just easier to use…

Audacity is free, bro.

Well you have to do something complicated that I’m too dumb to understand to convert files to mp3 with it. And I know it’s free but alot of times you have the option to buy a registered copy for more features.

HlSS fucks up period.

You can just get a free plug-in That converts to .mp3s

Hmm, i use HLDJ and it broke too since the last update…

You DO need to make an effort to make your material sound good. If your audio has too much gain and/or too much bass, it will clip HORRIBLY when you attempt to play it, and you will get razzed. Conversely, you don’t want your audio mixed too dry, either. It’s all a matter of experience; every song will convert differently (shame on you batch converters).

Granted, 11025hz doesn’t sound amazing to begin with, but it will sound much much better with a little tender care and a professional attitude. Save the low-quality, five-second, zero-effort jobs for micbombs.

Garry broke it. Thank you.

hldj_playaudio;wait;wait;wait;voice_inputfromfile 0

HLSS hasn’t worked since the recent steam update.

I’ve tried it on other computers and a buddy of mine says it dosen’t work on DOD:S or HL:DM

-Still waiting for results from CSS and some mods


It was the steam update.

Take a look at Source SDK’s Engine versions:
“Source engine 2006”
“Source engine 2007”
“Source engine 2009”


HLDJ works fine in TF2 at least.

Yes, my HLDJ just acts like my mic only i can hear it :saddowns:

It works fine. I found out that sv_allow_input_from_file (or whatever) is set to 0 even if default is 1…

So yeah if you got admin, Set it to 1…

Well then, that makes me want shed a tear :frown: