HLSS won't work.

Okay so instead of saying why it won’t work (cause I don’t really know) I’ll just say what I’ve done

I set it up correctly with path steamapps/accname/garrysmod
I haven’t changed rest of config (thats recommended on hlss.us)
HLSS works fine in CS:S, Insurgency, L4D and TF2 (I check’d all of them to make sure it’s not cause of engine or something)
It’s just like I push DEL, I can see my nickname displaying and sadly I can hear myself talking.
I have check’d the “thumbs up” button and push’d F1 few times to make sure I choosed sounds set on F1.

Any ideas about the way of fixing that ?

Hopefully it will never work again. Nobody ever likes micspammers, especially since the sound quality of HLStupidShit is fucking terrible.

People can listen to their own bloody music. And constantly trying to figure out who is micspamming to mute him is not fun.

I don’t fuckin care what you think, if you won’t help slush ur mouth, we need HLSS for movie.

Yeah maybe you should stop being an overbearing cock and help the OP With his problem, Eh?

Well I don’t care either you dumbfuck. I hope that shit never works again on any game. And unless your an absolute dickhead, you should know how to fucking add audio to movies in any fucking editor, even movie maker.


How about no.

(User was banned for this post ("Flaming / Help or don't post" - Terrenteller))

If it depends on me, you would already get banned perm. for flaming. :golfclap:.

Any ideas guys ? I count on you !

Put the Audio in through a video editing software :v:

Say what ?

Rimlanin, why did you come here?