Hm...any Tales of Symphonia models out there?

Look below for the request. I messed up this post. >_>

This is actually quite odd. I’ve seen plenty of topics about the Gamecube game and its Wii sequel scattered around the entire forum, but not one of them were about getting the models.

So I thought I’d ask and see if someone was willing to at least extract a single person from the game if they felt bored and needed something to do. =P

Her name is Sheena Fujibayashi.

That’s her in the back there in purple.

If someone were to get her model, I’d be one happy soul. =)
[She’s got many faces, since her actual face is just textures in the game like everyone else.]

Huh, haven’t seen a thread like this, well, I’m no modeller, but good luck on getting these models guy.

I’d personally would like to see Lloyd ported.

Uh…bump? >.>

I personally want lyod from SC2L. I’ve ripped him, but it isnt Tposed. I’ll get to it one day.

I wish we had a Kratos Aurion model.

Oooo, now that sounds cool!

Hating myself for this major bumpage, but…

This thread’s still here if anyone is interested in taking it up.

Bump for a better image to use.

One final bump before I finally let this rest in peace. >:

The thing is, I’m swamped in learning another project ripping models from a very hard and odd PS2 game. I’d also have to take the time to get everything ready and learn how to rip from Wii games sadly. Until then, I’d say wait or have people help me rip from my game to speed things up. I joke on the other part, but any help speeds up time spent on it.