Hmm, Been looking through my coding, can't find this error though.

[ERROR] gamemodes/paintball/entities/weapons/paintball_smg/shared.lua:78: attempt to call field 'Create' (a nil value)
  1. unknown - gamemodes/paintball/entities/weapons/paintball_smg/shared.lua:78

Anyone help? Thank you!

PS: If you need the coding, just ask.
PSS: The gun works on Single Player, but when I put this onto my server, I get this error!

>asks for help
>provides error
>provides no code

Karma, that doesn’t help him learn or apply himself one bit.

Nor does it help the people hes asking to help him. As garry said in this sticky:

All I can tell from his error is an ents.Create problem. Without the code we can’t help with shit.

That very well may be true, but it isn’t helpful to him when you only tell him what he’s done wrong.

If you don’t post the code we can’t help.
You are most likely calling the function ents.Create on the client (It’s a server function)
The code you need to fix is also on line 78

Okay, stop this. The Lua forum here isn’t the nicest place on earth, but acting like each and every poster is a special snowflake that needs care and attention won’t get shit done. We’ll just end up with tons of awful coders and broken addons.

We can’t help someone if they don’t give us something to work with. Telling someone we need to see code to provide a solution is perfectly fair.