Hmm. How to change gamemodes?

Hey Facepunch,

I can’t change gamemodes, with an useful menu.
Why is this all “destroyed”?
I liked it pretty much, but now it’s all, weird.
I can’t host a localhost with an other gamemode without doing alot of commands.

Im quite confused about this post OP… some one it doesnt make sense?

“I cant change gamemodes, with a useful menu” Are you looking for the menu? Looking how to host a server?

Sorry, lil’ bit tired.
Before, you could choose the maps in a list, set the name of a server, all with a GUI.
now it’s just, select a map, and then Play. Nothing more.
I want the GUI back.

all of that is still there:

  1. Click start new game
  2. look at the icons on the right hand side of box
  3. Click wrench